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princess-naeo inquired:
  I don't know who to ask... Can you help me? I can't find where to watch SPN season 9? I have CW but it only goes back to episode 10 & I just can't jump in on the 10th episode...  

Honestly, I have no idea either.  Any of the followers have any help for our lovely friend?

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Anonymous inquired:
  I'm not sure if this is how I submit or not sorry: “Oh god Cas, not this again” Dean said.“Dean, this one is going to come out right, I promise” Cas said in a mess of flower, eggs, sugar, pots, pans, and general kitchen debauchery.Ever since they had made a semi-permanent home out of the Bunker and Cas had been trying to adjust to being human, he had found a healthy way to release a lot of his emotions into baking. Unfortunately for Sam and Dean’s taste buds Cas was a horrible, horrible cook.  


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Anonymous inquired:
  Castiel looked up at the sleeping Dean beside him. He smiled sleepily at the sight and tried to get up without waking Dean, when he suddenly felt a warm hand in his shoulder. Startled, he jumped a little and followed the arm to meet Dean's tired gaze. "Don't leave" he said and Castiel shrunk back onto his pillow. Dean moved closer to the angel, took his jaw in his hand and turned Cas' head to meet his eyes. "I love you" he said and let his lips brush softly over Castiel's. "I love you too"  


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Anonymous inquired:
  "Cas, if you.. I mean.. Can you at least look at me" Castiel turned his gaze to lazily look at Deans apologetical face. "I'm sorry, it wasn't meant as a defending joke, I didn't mean to hurt your feelings" Dean really was sorry. "I don't think a joke about our relationship is funny, you could just tell me if you don't want to be with me" Castiel was on the verge of tears. "But I want, I really want!" Dean leaned in and let his lips brush over Castiel's. "I love you"  


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pocketmartin inquired:
  um hey i've been looking for a specific destiel fic that i can't find again. Sam had 'found a case' that required Dean and Cas to pretend to be married (since the monster only went after married couples). if you know of any like that, it would be most helpful thank you!! :D  

The only one I can think of off the top of my head (I have hiatus brain) is Hard Road by Aleisha Potter, but I’ll start looking for some additional ones for you!


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Anonymous inquired:
  Have you read Twist and Shout?  

Alright, so this question is from an embarrassingly long time ago, but I’m just now trying to get through the backlog that’s built up over the hiatus (still on hiatus, maybe).

Yes.  I did read Twist and Shout.  Once.

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Dies Irae, or Something

It starts with headaches, and it ends in a clusterfuck. So, business as usual, Apocalypse-wise.

An AU-canon divergent Season 5 re-telling slash mild Good Omens crossover.  The fact that I was able to write that sentence tickles me in a way that is probably illegal in some parts of the world.  The writing style in this is brilliant - a little bit stream of consciousness, a whole lot of clever freeform, and just enough of the Pratchett/Gaiman-esque prose to keep you smiling, even through the heavy parts.  The story itself is brilliant - it’s obviously enough of an AU that it doesn’t feel like it could be an episode, but that’s okay, because what happens instead is pretty fantastic (the final battle sequence had me on the edge of my seat, enthralled).  And the characters, especially the Dean and Michael dynamics, are well-written, especially considering the ensemble cast being worked with.  Overall, a great read.  If you’re into AUs, vague crossovers, or Michael as a main character, you need this fic in your life.

:  51,223
Genre: Adventure, Humour, Romance
Rating: A
Warnings: AU(ish), crossover

You can read it here

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Anonymous inquired:
  Best Supernatural crossover?  

Crossovers, as always, are a matter of opinion - maybe you love Supernatural but haaaate the ‘verse it crosses with. That being said, my personal favourites are as follows:

Dies Irae, or Something: An AU-canon divergent Season 5 re-telling slash mild Good Omens crossover. If that alone doesn’t have you scrambling to read it, well… I hate to be the one to tell you this, good reader, but you got more problems than even the Winchester family on a bad day. ;) You can read it here: http://archiveofourown.org/works/245097/chapters/377968

Apocalypse, Please: An Avengers/Supernatural crossover - I know what you’re thinking, because I was right there with you. But give it a chance, because it’s actually delightful (it’s actually one of my faves, I’ve had it bookmarked on AO3 forever and I sing its praises whenever I can). You can read it here: http://archiveofourown.org/works/499122

If I find anymore good ones, I’ll be sure to post them for you to find, lovely Anonny :)


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The Dance of Inanna

“Hey Sammy? You didn’t happen to start an apocalypse while I was in Purgatory, did you?”

Or: After the disappearance of the One, pagan gods are fighting over who gets the world. Alliances are forged and broken, Zeus and Enlil form a bromance, Odin teams up with Isis, Loki probably has an evil plan, Artemis ponders second-wave feminism, Crowley is amused, the angels are not, Inanna has opinions, Don is a Carver Edland fan.

And Dean and Cas aren’t fooling anybody.

Well, what better way to come out of a hiatus than with an exceptionally-written, truly amazing, intelligent and hilarious novel-length canon divergence of Season 8?  (Spoiler: there is no better way.)  This fic is a true work of art: the research alone that must have gone into writing it is mind-boggling, the characterisation is spot-on, the plot is epic on a scale that most only dream of, and, despite the overall angst of the story, the sarcastic narration and the tender moments between the (vast and wonderfully developed) cast of characters brought me to laughter and happy tears on more than one occasion.  If you’ve got a few free hours, definitely check this one out - the greatest tragedy of the story is that it seems to be barely discovered yet, and that ends now.

:  105,939
Genre: Adventure, Angst, Romance
Rating: A
Warnings: Mature, explicit sexual content

You can read it here

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Did somebody say destiel hand holding??

My finished project, in which I sob over my OTP and abuse the lens blur filter.

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